April 06, 2010

Wolves Are Still Cool Right?

November 17, 2008 -

On my way into work the other day (I know I know, most of my blogs come from me driving) and I saw something incredibly funny that I figured I needed to tell you all about.  I was sitting in traffic like I normally do around 7:40am or so and saw a big white Chevy 4x4 truck in the lane next to me on my right. 

No biggie, trucks pass me all the time, I am one of those lame guys that leave about 5 car lengths in front of me to keep the flow of traffic moving.  Love me or hate me and cut me off, it works and gets people through traffic faster.  If you leave enough room to continue a flow of traffic it will continue to flow and then build up speed, until whats that? No more traffic jam! That's what I thought...........so SHUT YOUR FACE!

So this guy slowly passes me and I happen to scan over his truck for a minute.  Why do I do this? It passes the time and gives me something to blog about apparently.  So far nothing really catches my eye.  Sure, he's got the big mudding tires to go traipsing off into big D because we just have LOADS of ATV trails to hit.  That was about all that caught my eye until I looked at his entire back window decal.  Now, I can take a rear graphic don't get me wrong.  I've seen a lot of them.  Perforated decals that take up the entire rear window of a truck.  Some of them are the waving American flag, some even include a mad eagle with claws outstretched to grab that lame Toyota Tercel.  Other items include faded stickers from bands back in the 80's, those annoying white Mac apples, and those ever eloquent political bumper stickers of candidates that either had no chance in the race or lost.  I have to say, even if I was remotely political (and I'm not so please do not talk to me about that shit.......I liked both candidates *shrug* and would have been happy with both, but I'm happier with Obama *go figure*) I would TAPE my candidates bumper sticker on my car and then take it off if they lost.....  Maybe next go round I'll tape it on there again....... No need to ruin my cars resale value to sell it to a potential McCain supporters.  Way to exclude 46-48% of the population of the country. Thanks CarMax! Be sure to put on there Obama sticker included with the car!

This guy though had a full decal embossed on his rear window.  I'm sure you have seen those really cheesy and corny wolf paintings, hummels, pewter figurines, porcelain figures or t-shirts out west in those Cherokee gas stations and laughed at them.  Who in their right mind actually buy those shitty t-shirts?  It's almost as if they could be lumped in there together on the same rack as those Napoleon Dynamite movie fan shirts and nobody would be smart enough to know the difference!  "Hey Mom! This is just like the t-shirt Napoleon wore in the movie!".  People would eat them shits up and not even KNOW!

I would give the guy a pass if it was a t-shirt or a pin.  Well........it actually depends on the guy or gal wearing said wolf pack shirt.  Normally it depends on the situation and the were-dude (like werewolf) wearing the wolf memorabilia.  If the guy happens to be a pale skinned overweight guy with freckles and unkept hair and bad dental hygiene with sweatpants, its probably safe to say he thinks wolves are cool.  If the woman has got that flesh fanny pack that can hide a panini sandwich under there, has frayed equate shampoo'd hair, and loose baggy clothes and no bra, she probably thinks its cool.  Sorry to turn it into "You might be a redneck" there for a second but if  you are a comedian or someone you know is cooler than that and wears a wolf shirt then its probably safe to say they are poking fun at the lame fad.

The guy in the truck obviously is in the category of "thinks its cool".  He went through all of the trouble, expense, and time in order to get that sweet looking face shot of the wolf as well as a silouette of the wolf howling up into the sky with a few clouds in front of the big greyish tinted moon.  It was made to be perforated so the guy driving could look back and see all of the people behind him admiring his kick ass wolf mural. 

I just can't believe someone in this day and age of internets, LOLcats, tub girls, plushie schwartzes, 2 girls 1 cup, midget demon porn stars, and ptyeradactyl porn can think wolves, paintings of wolves, wolf t-shirts, and wolves howling at the night sky are cool.  I think we have moved on from this.  I do expect to see roadsigns for shops as I go into New Mexico selling moccasins, windcatchers, and wolf t-shirts.  That's fine.  That's part of their ancient tribal Indian heritage.  For me, its just a lame dude driving a huge truck in Dallas thinking he's cool and doesn't belong in the year 2009.  I will however buy some beef jerky, some moccasins and a wolf t-shirt as a souvenir out west whenver I make it that way on vacation........

Have a great day guys! Peace!