April 06, 2010

Weekend of Ballz and Gunz!

October 22, 2007 -

Had a great weekend out in the country with a few of my very close friends.  We left on Friday and headed up to Yarnaby, Oklahoma.  It is a town that is literally 3 buildings, a cemetery, and there are probably 3 times more cattle than people.  The wild hogs that roam the countryside out there probably outnumber the humans! :D

So the weekend went great! I got a chance go mudding on a 4-wheeler! I haven't done that in a LONG TIME! I've ridden a few 4-wheelers (not driven) and I've been mudding on a mountain bike (yeah I was a little poor back in the day) but never had the joy of bringing the bearer of mud to someone else on the back! :D  After that we retired to the house for some relaxation, then shooting of guns, and then grilling out.

I have to send a shout out to Steve for bringing these awesome freaking guns! :D  One of them can be seen in my default picture!  That and an AR15 assault rifle! NICE!  Thanks Steve for letting me shoot those!  I definitely owe you dinner and a nice chunk of change for all the ammo we went through.  We shot for 3 hours!

 Next we grilled out and cooked up some incredible steaks and chicken for the troops and hung around the charcoal flame and drank beer and joked around while the sun went down.  Loads of fun!  After that I think we played one game of Scene It! (SOUP LADLE!) and then I went outside into the night air and enjoyed the fire pit!  Roasted some marshmallows and just had a great time with my friends and being out in the country again.

For some reason it just felt good, it felt pure, and it felt very nice to be outside without the sound of something driving by or flying overhead.  To be able to yell out obscenities at the "Yelling Lake" or walk barefoot through the woods, it was all great times!

Definitely go and check out the pics from this weekend! They are tons of fun to look at and I hope to see some comments or something there from everyone! Take care! I hope your weekend was as refreshing as mine was! :D