April 06, 2010

Paying Off The MINI!

April 18, 2007 -

Well, people! It took me a little while to do it, and I struggled for the past 5 months to get it done and over with. But I was only late on my car payment maybe 4 or 5 times out of 60 payments? :D WOOHOO! Look at that credit score go up BABY! I'm at 730 BITCHES! Anyway, I sent off my last payment last month and they finally sent me my title and all the paperwork I filled out way back when I signed for the car when I lived in Arkansas.

I was 19 fixing to turn 20 and had saved my p's and q's and had 5K sitting in the bank ready to be put down on a brand new car. That car, was a MINI Cooper from ORR Cadillac/Toyota in Hot Springs, AR. 60 car payments ahead of me, I worked and paid that bill every month for 5 years straight. And now I sit here looking at the piece of paper my former self filled out and I'm wondering......"Did I really have that girly of handwriting back then? :D"

So after the final payment went through over a month ago and the title is in my hands. I get a letter from Toyota Financial Services today. What the heck could this be? A closing fee that I have to pay? A customer survey? Nope, it looks pretty thin to me! And it turns out to be a check stub! :-O OH MAN! What!?!?!? I open it up and low and behold it IS! I had over payed the Financial Services people by a lot of money! How much you ask?!?!?!?? How about a nice crisp check for $792 dollars and 44 muthafucking CENTS! My jaw dropped!

I have been living in debt for the past 5 months suffering through the hardships of living with April in her house and having to give up that whole life to move back into my parents house. And to know that I could have used this money so long ago it just irks me a little bit! But hey, I have the money back and my MINI is mine, the money is mine, and that stuff is going straight into the bank.......... Just thought I would let you know that its not everyday you pay off your car and get a huge check because you paid too much! :D

Cheers and I'm ready for HCR NOW!