January 31, 2011

You See Some Weird Stuff At Gas Stations

Living in a major metropolitan area like Dallas, TX, I understand that I will run across some weird scenes in the dank underbelly of the metroplex.  I've had a person at a gas station (not the one in this story) ask me how the Dallas Stars did in a hockey game (I was wearing my Hagman jersey), only to quickly change the subject and beg for money.  Talk about the transition from hell.  And how many homeless people do you know are into NHL hockey?  Do they get Versus or something under a bridge somewhere?

I've even been at a Walgreens doing overnight work and seen a homeless guy wake up in the morning dawn of downtown San Francisco only to piss in the middle of the street.  Not in a corner.  Not in an alley way.  As in, he woke up from the building he was sleeping against, and walked to the curb and pissed INTO the street, making a large yellow rainbow.  Lord knows what he did in the corner of that building around from where he slept.  Point is, you see some weird shit at the wonky hours of the night.  This story doesn't fall into that category.  This is at 5:30pm on a weekday.