April 06, 2010

Do I Have Bad Taste?

February 28, 2008 -

I'm just curious if I have bad taste or not?  It hit me on Saturday last weekend when I was mainly watching afternoon TV.  I of course was bored and figured I could catch up on my TV shows on DVD to watch.  I have a few in the chamber that I need to finish up.  I was flipping around trying to be lazy and avoid setting up the DVD player.  A few movies hit me in the face and were definitely keepers to finish off.  First was Showtime getting right into the Shawshank Redemption.  Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins and the story makes this movie one of the greatest ever.  I could probably watch the final 20 minutes forever in eternity in purgatory.  Morgan Freeman's voice over and the final few scenes of Red in the corn field next to the large oak tree on the northeast corner.  Just greatness.  And then after I get my fill of that (some say I have ADD) I switch over to AMC and catch another great movie in the form of the Memphis Belle.  A lot of great actors you never thought were in this movie were in it.  John Lithgow plays a great military officer that gives the Belle special treatment against the other flight crews.  All of the memorable characters like the guy who played "Rudy" being the ball turret gunner and even a good start from Harry Connick Jr.

Now, I could have chosen to watch any of these two great movies that I have seen obviously 4 or 5 times (more-so for Shawshank), but I chose to setup the DVD player.  What would I watch that could possibly top those two movies?  I have a few comedies like Metalocalypse and the second season of Robot Chicken here? Then some more I need to catch up on are a few dramas like Crime Story, Miami Vice, and the second season of Sea Quest DSV.  Does this make me have bad taste?  To turn down great cinematic genius like those two that are probably in the American Film History Museum for greatness so I can watch a freaking cheesy ass "Star Trek-esque" Sea Quest with a fucking talking dolphin and supernatural representations of Neptune and his long lost lover in a flooded Greek tomb. Really? You are serious?  Or how about the episode where they go aboard a hydroponics lab underwater with no crew and no survivors.  Only to find out that the plants mutated and are alive and can attack humans and turn them into golden plant fertilizer?  I swear.  That show now that I see it all over again, is the underwater Star Trek of its time.  Back BEFORE Star Trek made its triumphant return to the TV screen and before all of those Galactica and other offshoots of Trekdom, this was it.

So, I guess I wrote this blog to get it out there that I occasionally watch shitty movies, I occasionally watch shitty TV shows.  But for the most part they are cool in some form or fashion and I missed out on it.  Kinda like I mentioned Miami Vice.  This show was before my time, I shouldn't be watching it.  But Don Johnson and Phillip Micheal Thomas in their cool 80's suits just tickled my fancy.  Mostly the combination of music and visuals spur my interest.  It has its moments where it shines through with greatness.

So do I have bad taste? Where I choose to watch Darwin the talking dolphin and cheesy Star Trek story lines? Or something like Memphis Belle or Mighty Ducks? Wait, Mighty Ducks is in the crap pile right? I forgot! :P  Yeah, Shawshank should be there with Memphis Belle, I guess I am getting things confused now......  Need to keep my story straight.

So, just ask for my opinion on all of those movies or TV shows.  I'll probably tell you they are the greatest thing since sliced bread........in their own way of course.  They have their place, I just had to ask if I have bad taste or not for thinking they are greatness.........which I know they are.......wait.........why did I write this blog again?  Oh yeah, I guess I am bored and don't want to do either a: walk into the other room and flip channels or b: walk into the other room and setup the DVD setup.  Oh well, only a few more minutes till the Dallas Stars come on anyway! :D