July 05, 2011

Guy Finally Cums After 38 Years

This dude definitely has big meaty balls.

I just love the music that's featured with this video.  It's almost Top Gun music.  Like he went into the danger zone with his cum or something.  I'd have to agree with myself.  It's a normal bodily function (cumming) that needs to happen after the age of 16, probably once a week, if not more.  Just saying.....

Part of me wants to believe that this is real, but part of me knows that there is a fetish for guys that like to pump saline or other substances chemical substances into their ball-sack to inflate it.  We've all seen the huge dong pornos (and the ptyerydactyl porn) that feature coconut milk or something that looks like cum, but it's obviously too much.  

I'll let you guys decide.

Some See A Negative, I See A "Stump Fucker"

For everyone out there that doesn't follow me on a regular basis - okay, that's everyone - I work a second job as a valet car parking running-type person.  I take your car keys, get in your vehicle, and drive around for about 45 minutes to an hour until you come back outside and ask for it back.  Only if it's a good car though.  I run Neon's and Dodge Journeys into a fucking ditch.