July 20, 2012

TGR Episode 11 - Berating Your Kids Is A Good Thing

Games imitating art.....or something to that extent.  Good times.  Oh hey!  We're back with another all-new, freshly wrapped Twisted Gamer Radio.  We took the week off for 4th of July, and then decided one wasn't good enough, so we took another one (accidentally because of scheduling conflicts).  But we're back, settled into our normal spots and ready to spit out all the stupidness and crap that go along with this podcast.  Enjoy!

On today's Twisted Gamer Radio:

- Duke Nukem Reads 50 Shades Of Grey
- New Console Named "Ouya" Announced
- Shag-A-Gamer.com Dating Service
- Quick Hits
- Fucked Up News:  Kid Dies Playing Diablo III
- Sound Clip Corner: Berating Asian Kids and Berating Black Kids

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