April 06, 2010

Comedic GOLD!

August 17, 2007 -

I love hanging out with a few close friends and some good conversation! I love the fact that you can start a paragraph and with everyone contributing to the story it rolls off the tongue and comes out like you inserted food into your anus and the turd comes out of your mouth! (South Park reference) Placenta pate' with grape nuts as a coating? I have no idea what THAT is all about, but it was one of the many topics that was discussed last night at one of my good friends Mr. McBee's birthday get-together.

The comedic gold though is if you put Drew and Deanna together and let them hash it out. Oh, and don't forget a few glasses of wine for D. That's her lifeblood. It's almost like the cells in her body meet up with the wine alcohol and recharge.

I don't know, it was just weird. I could see Drew's subtlety and proper comedic timing, and then Deanna was just going back and forth with Drew and obviously slipping up because of the drinks. Drew is so fast with his banter that there is not a dull moment in the conversation and it goes back and forth rapid fire. D is fast, Drew is fast. It was just comedic gold. I sat there and watched those two as I sipped my awesome Sangria and had one of the bee cupcakes that D had bought from Tart Co. on Royal?

Just thought I would let you know, it was a great time and fun to see D and Drew go at it for awhile. I left when they did, and McBee carried his hula girl blow up doll out the door. I carried the leftover cupcakes that I really didn't want but took anyway because I guess I HAVE to now since I've been labeled a "taker" of leftovers! :D Got to hand them out to a few ladies that were outside the restaurant talking. You know the way to a woman's heart is through cupcakes! (or sweets in general! )

Good times last night! Can't wait to see Drew and Deanna in their prime again! I'll bring the Times Ten Cellar wine! :D