April 06, 2010

For The Freaks

April 30, 2008 -

Hello there freaks!  I know I know.  Not all of you are this way, in fact, some of you are rather tame compared to me.  But I figured I would let you guys in on some of my random thoughts and ideas.  This story that I will read you is not supposed to be exciting or erotic in anyway.  It is for a bit called Sextastic Tuesday on my favorite podcast Distorted View.  I was driving home one day and was listening to Tim read an erotic story (if you want to call it that) about a huge fat woman sitting in front of a tv screen eating food.  She had a bucket of chicken, and all sorts of side fixings to go with it.  Now, since it is called Sextastic Tuesday it is supposed to creep you out and get you twisted just a bit.  So, what happens in the story is she starts to picture the head of Howie Mandel on the end of a chicken leg and proceeds to stick it in her vagina.  Pretty fucked up huh?  Well, that's the kind of thing you come to expect from Sextastic Tuesday stories.  People shoving maggots in their cooters, fingering themselves in Chinese Restaurant dumpsters, it all is out there and is just off the wall.  Some of them are off of Literotica.com where they have tons of stories.  Others are submitted by listeners of the show who have a good idea for a story and want to send it his way.

I wanted to do something that had never been done before, and was trying to find a story that I could latch onto and continue the story a little bit.  Make another story out of a previous one.  And finally one day it hit me which one I could do, and how.  So, it inspired me to write this story.  Now, I know that I sometimes get inspired by the most mundane thing on the face of the planet (like the Ashley in Flower Mound blog, or the Easter blog) but this one was a different sort of inspiration.  It inspired my dark side.  And you know what, I ran with it........

So here is an email I sent Tim (the host of the show) and my story follows it.  Read with caution, I do want to warn you that it is rather graphic and disgusting, and if you get to a certain point do not continue, because it will probably get worse and more descriptive.  So, anyway, I haven't shared a blog with you guys in awhile and figured this would suffice.  Plus, this lets you guys into my dark side that hardly anybody gets to see.  So, with that I give you my Sextastic Tuesday story........

Hey Tim,

I've been a fan of your show for well over 2 and a half or 3 years now.  I've called in a few times to the voice mail line and heard my voice on your great show.  One of my very first Sextastic Tuesday shows that I remember that really stuck in my mind was the one Cheryl Merkowski read about the two hot lesbians in the shower and the turd on the bed.  She read that story and as soon as she started to mention how she poked a hole through the character's ass into her vagina and then shit out of her vagina I was hooked.  I have always loved Sextastic Tuesday and hope it never goes away.  Sure, a few of the stories have been clunkers but there are a few that stick out in my mind as classics. 

I have been wanting to write a Sextastic Tuesday story for you for so long I just didn't think I was as fucked up as some of the other freaks out there are.  As soon as I heard the precursor to my story I had my idea and ran with it.  It is a continuation of another Sextastic Tuesday story you have read and one you just recently did as a classique (replay) story.  Don't think what I did has ever been done before so enjoy the story, you should get which story I'm talking about as you go along.  Love the show Timmy!

Freak for life,

Justin M. 

Crime Scene
by: McCullster

Chelsea and Steven were some of the best crime scene investigators in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  There wasn't a scene in the metroplex area that they hadn't been able to crack and get enough evidence to convict a suspect.  They arrived on the scene at the Twin Peaks Trailer Park together in an unmarked police car and strolled lightly through the gravel parking lot to the home in question.  Police lights, tape, and a few investigators and men in blue scoured through the surrounding bushes to find any sign of information.
They slowly walked up the handicap ramp to the victim's residence.  Anna Kerkowitz was her name.  She had lived a life of isolation and seclusion, only coming out briefly to get groceries and order pizza.  The ramp creaked and wabbled as if a person of great weight had walked this way many times.  As soon as they opened the door to the trailer, the smell hit them.  It was a culmination of all things rank and disgusting.  The hint of stale food, dead flies, maggots, and feces were noted in the stale odor.  It kind of reminded Steven of what a cat had done when it crapped on top of a hot stovetop oven while they were out running errands one day.  The two let the door close behind them and the smell and atmosphere engulfed them into this weird and strange new world.

They stood there in the entrance way on the small square of vinyl fake tile, looking around at the kitchenette, the small living area, and then glancing back into the bed quarters.  The scene was a ghastly one, the kitchen looked as if it had been rummaged through looking for spare pieces of meat and utensils.  Old chinese boxes, fast food bags, half eaten boxes of pizza all sat overturned on the kitchen counter with cockroaches crawling in and out of the fridge and cabinets that had been left partially open.

The two investigators scanned down to the living area to see mutiple tv trays of partially eaten food.  Spaghetti and meatballs infested with maggots and flies, mashed potatoes and gravy with flies caught in the gravy, and a three liter of Sam's Choice cola sat to the right of the recliner all adorned the living room.  On the floor in front of the recliner was what looked like a small pool of brownish tan liquid. It had been almost 3 days since someone had reported the tenant missing, and after those three days the land lord had only gone up to the front door and smelled the foul stench of mushy diarhrrea and shit. The stain was only slightly mushy on the red shag carpet, and had probably bled through to the baseboard and rotted out the underside of her trailer.

Chelsea and Steven moved to the front of the recliner to kneel down in front of the victim.  They saw the 500 lb white female laid back with a smile on her face with her jaw slightly open, as if she had gone in an immense amount of pleasure at the very end of her life.  Her skin was a slight blueish color from the lack of oxygen, and her veins still remained red from the old blood that continued to sit in her circulatory system.  They felt the floor beneath them rise and fall with the pressure of their hands and heard the almost sucking sound the soaked carpet and floor made .  Chelsea looked up to notice the womans red pasty vagina lips and fat enlarged clitoris.  She put on her surgical gloves and began to poke and prod at the vaginal walls.  Small beef jerky like pieces of shit had dried and crusted to the underside of her stomach bunt.  Steven stood up slightly and lifted the roll of skin up for Chelsea to get a better look underneath with the skin of the 500lb womans privates were made to look like a fanny pack.

"Oh my GAWD!" Chelsea exclaimed as her fingers slid over a piece of mushy meat caught inside of the dead womans cunt.  Chelsea was able to spread and stretch the dead woman's vagina about 4 or 5 full inches to reach her whole fist inside to see and feel what was in there.  She slowly pulled her hand out to get a few plastic sporks, a half a corn on the cob, and a small chicken leg with a few pasty black pubic hairs attached to the top of the piece of chicken.  It was also covered in small bits of corn, mashed potatoes, and even a few maggot larvae had gotten a hold of the meat and was eating away at it.

"Gosh honey, you think she would do this to herself?" Chelsea asked as she inspected the piece of chicken once more in disbelief. "I don't know, why would she do something something like that to herself?  Maybe her boyfriend did this to her and then fled the scene?" Steven replied still in shock.  "Huh?  Why don't you ever fuck me with pieces of meat? Like sausages, or even cucumbers sometimes......maybe even chicken legs honey?" Chelsea beamed sarcastically and looked up at Steven.  "Well, didn't really think you were into that sort of thing I guess?" He shot back.

Chelsea sat down in the pool of shit, corn, blood, and semi-digested food matter and began to touch herself with her surgical gloves.  She slowly undid her police cargo pants and slid the chicken leg down under her already soak stained panties.  She continued to rub her clit with the food item and enjoyed its good balance of being dry with just enough grease to get her going.  Steven sat down beside her and grabbed the bowl of maggot infested mashed potatoes and gravy off of the tv tray and ripped open her shirt to slather the cold white and dark goodness all over her chest and neck.  The maggots continued to squirm and jerk as they tried to catch their balance in the landslide of gravy and potatoes.  A few bit into her and one was even so lucky enough to latch on to her nipple.

Steven, getting excited all of a sudden, reached over and found his police line tape.  He stripped off his plastic surgical gloves because he wanted to feel all of this crime scene had to offer.  He wanted to make sure it got stuck inside the grooves of his fingertips and stuck underneath his fingernails.  He found his police line tape and began to mummify his right hand, wrapping from his wrist down to the points of his fingers.  He made sure to leave his four fingers straight and tuck his thumb underneath them to make a nice little jabbing utensil.  He reached up and put his police line wrapped hand inside the dead Anna's pussy, stroking in and out and hearing the dead flesh squirt and move as his hand pulsated in and out.  Her liquid filled stomach pulsed up and down with every thrust of his fist.  Small chunks of her vagina walls began to come apart and fall out of her pussy.  Chelsea had since moved into a position to catch them as they fell from the recliner.  Steven began to cup his plastic hand now inside her vagina and was using a sweeping motion to pull and grab everything out of her vagina he could.  Maggots, flies covered in 3 day old pussy juice, and small remnants of plastic continued to fall down onto Chelseas open stomach and vagina.

Steven then arose and stood slightly over the 500lb woman.  He looked down to see Chelsea scoot down even further so Anna's vagina would spew forth more lucious liquid onto her chest and neck.  She continued to play with the chicken leg and began to shove the boney end into her vagina.  Steven moved around the dead womans blue red streaking fanny pack looking flab to a position that suited him, and began to punch and wail on the womans stomach.  With each punch he gave a squirt after squirt of bile infused liquid spewed from her vagina and asshole onto Chelsea's chest.  Chelsea quickly found out that the plastic sporks that Anna had used before her death she had actually used to created a hole going from her vagina into her asshole, and now was using both holes of her body to excrete the semi warm shit liquid.  It rained down in stream after stream on Chelsea like a warm brown shower, and she rubbed her body all over and opened her mouth to catch some of the liquid to taste its chunky bitterness.  She gargled the brown chocolate gravy and spit it back up into the air, a few pieces of corn getting stuck on her chin and cheeks.

Steven continued to punch on the dead Anna's huge flabby stomach, Anna's mouth slightly open with small gasps of air being sucked into her dried up lungs with each blow Steven threw into her.  Seeing Chelsea was almost ready to climax, he threw both elbows down in a hard wrestler move onto the stomach of the dead woman, and with a sucking sound, a quief, and a slight moan out of the dead woman's mouth, she prolapsing her massive vagina out 5 or 6 inches onto Chelsea's chest.  Chelsea tilted her head back in orgasm and rubbed the red prolapsed vagina onto her chest, feeling the wet stickiness of the vaginal walls.  Just for shits and grins and being so turned on by the whole ordeal, Steven ended up jerking off with his mummified police tape hand seeing his wife lay on the floor in pleasure in this crime scene, and shot his load all over the dead lifeless prolapsed vagina.

The two had gotten all of the info they needed from this crime scene.  They cleaned up and headed out the door.  On the way out Steven and Chelsea couldn't help but smile as they walked out into the fresh air and saw a framed Howie Mandel photo hanging on the wall.......they had just done all of that incredibly hot action in front of Howie Mandel himself........