About Us


Distorted Gamer is the brainchild of Justin "D-bag" McCullough, a former writer, reviewer and associate editor for the now defunct video game website Loot-Ninja.com. He also used to host his very own podcast for the site called Twisted Gamer Radio.

He now uses Distorted Gamer to release his inner adolescent humor and dick jokes, as well as talk about current trends and gripes with the video game industry.

Editor-In-Chief - Justin McCullough

After being entranced by the video game industry and E3 for a few years, this blog gives Justin a chance to take a break from all of the PR and news bullshit to post funny stuff that goes through his head. From video game related topics to lame white boy stories, you just never know what you'll get at Distorted Gamer.

Reach Justin "D-bag" McCullough anytime at mccullster (at) aol.com or leave him a voicemail at (469) 248-5668.

Contributor - Tim "Douchey Tim" Black

After the creation of Twisted Gamer Radio, Justin needed some creative juices to flow.  And what better way than to bring in some man-juice in the form of his long time friend Tim.  Tim constantly argues with Justin over video game choices, and one time too many landed Tim creating an alter-ego for himself called "Douchey Tim".

Reach Tim "Douchey Tim" Black anytime at timblack68 (at) gmail.com.