April 06, 2010

My Dreams Are Weird

October 23, 2008 -

Well, I have two dreams to tell you guys about, I usually don't dream when I sleep, its usually just whiteness (or darkness) and I just wake up and go about my day.  In the past week or so I have had two dreams stick out in my mind and come to the frontal lobe part of my brain (or wherever that memory part comes from).

The first one I believe I told everyone who went out last Friday night to State and Allen over beers and great fire roasted pizza.  If you weren't there you missed out on this story because it was told while I had a few beers in me and that always livens things up.  Apparently, according to Dalyn which I called during my Tuesday night Happy Hour, I turn into a whiny little frat boy and start to say things like, "Awwwww COOOMMMMEE OOOOOON MAN! YOUUURR KILLING ME BRO!"  Imagine a drunk dude with his arm around his buddy saying shit like that with a beer in his left hand waving it around in front of his completely sober buddy. "Dude, you should TOTTALLLLY go up to her and talk to her man!"  Yep, that kinda sounds like me.  Dalyn asked if I was drinking, found out the answer was yes, then quickly cut the conversation short because he didn't want to talk with Stifler anymore (from American Pie).  I digress, so lets cut into the first dream:
I'm at the American Airlines Center, on the ice skating around.  No rhyme or reason, but I take it as a public skate for the fans or something.  They did something like this a few weeks ago and it looked pretty sweet!  I look up into the stands and see loads of people making their way down into their seats with the assorted drinks, popcorn and eatable items.  I look around and think to myself, "Why would they do this type of stuff at a public skate on the AAC ice?"  I can't be that entertaining on the ice when I fall down and hurt my ass? Well, maybe....that's why my team the Silver Wings have fans.......  Well, if it helps the Stars sell a few extra concession items then go for it!

As I begin to look up at the jumbo-tron screen I begin to realize that this isn't just an ordinary public skate.  I look around and begin to see what the other people on the ice are wearing, and it turns out that I'm on the ice with the actual fucking Dallas Stars!  That music they are playing, isn't "Wake Me Up, Before You Go Go!" it's actually Pantera's version of the Dallas Stars chant when they come out of the tunnel! Holy SHIT! Wait, what is this? I look down to find that I am suited up to play my first ever NHL game with the big club. No F-ing way!
Now, here is my reasoning behind this and where I think the dream comes from.  I play NHL '09 for the PS3.  In the game I created a virtual version of myself and put myself in the AHL Stars affiliate (called the Rochester Americans).  In the "Be A Pro" mode you are that player and have to work the slow way up from the 4th line position to the first line, produce certain tasks and achievements, and then hopefully get called up to the NHL level and play on the Dallas Stars.  I haven't played NHL 09 in some time now but I'm guessing this dream has embedded into my psyche and its calling me back.

So back to my dream, I skate on the ice for a bit, circling around Turco who is preparing the crease for the game.  I look around, see the likes of Dave Tippett (sans mustache), Stu Barnes (as the assistant coach of course), Mike Modano, Stephane Robidas and my new boy James Neal are all there on the bench waiting for the game to start.  The horn quickly sounds to let everyone know the face off is about to happen.  The crowd begins to build in intensity (with help from that jumbo-tron) and my excitement starts to grow inside my belly.  The hair stands up on my arms under my pads.  The slow smile begins to creep up along my face.  I play Instructional League ice hockey and I still get excited before I go out on a shift in that type of situation, you can imagine the intensity of my excitement for going on the NHL ice. 

I prop up on the bench and sit in between James Neal and none other than Mike Modano himself.  Sawheet! I'm on the third line (well, the best producing line of the Stars right now) and I will be playing right wing (my off-wing since I am a left handed shooter).  Almost time for the drop of the puck!

I get set up on the bench and get a swig of water.  I can't even hold it down because I'm smiling like a mofo.  Neal and Modano! WOW!  Up until this point, the dream has been great, but some great dreams turns into nightmares (don't they all?).  I look around and try to find my Easton Synergy stick.........no dice.  It's nowhere to be found.  I could have swore I had that sucker out on the ice with me? Didn't I?  Oh shit! You have got to be kidding me!  I don't have my stick?  Oh shit!  I'm in trouble now!  What is Tippett going to say since I got called up and didn't bring my gear!  So what do I do, I hastily exit the bench area down low and start to climb up the stairs of the AAC (skates and all mind you) past all of the fans and through the crowd of people coming down to their seats with beers.  A few people stop me to congratulate me on making the NHL roster but I have to get out of there and get my stick so I can fucking play!  I can't believe I have to do this, I have to get out of the arena and walk passed the concession stands with skates on.  More crowds of people are there to hold me up!  OH NO! Almost game time!

I end up walking out into the Dallas night air and towards the parking lot (I don't get Gold status like the players yet), still going against the flow of fans.  It must have been a sight to see to catch a Dallas Stars rookie player out on Victory Lane in Dallas at the AAC heading to his car way out in ghetto-ville (can someone say Matt Niskanen and his Pontiac?).  Once to my car I proceed to quickly get in and drive it with skates on all the way out to Mesquite to grab my stick bag.  I don't know if I made it back to the Stars game or not?  It was a great dream at first then with my twisted brain it turned into being funny.

A few key things to remember:  1) The equipment guys for the Stars in real life are completely top notch and have about 20 different sticks (or more) ready for each player taped and good to go the way they like them.  Why didn't I have a few dozen extra sticks with them?  I would have known this in real life so why not in the dream? Guess that's why they call them dreams.....  It would just be completely stupid of me to only have 3 sticks EVER! 2) Why did I need to walk out of the arena that way and up the stairs to pass every single fan? IDIOT!  I was probably on the jumbo-tron trying to walk up the concrete stairs in skates.  Definitely NO BUENO for my blades!  I guess for the most part I just felt embarrassed as I had to walk by everyone there for the game.  I think I even said, "Sorry," to a few people.  See, even in my dream I am courteous.  3) Why didn't I take my skates off to drive my car (it's a standard)?  Did I really think I was going to save that much time by leaving them on, even though I had to drive all the way back out to Mesquite and back? Yeah, that's a 50 minute to an hour round trip.  And trying to drive with ice skates for a manual car is a very funny visual though.  It almost sounds like something I would do!

The second dream is even weirder (if that is even a word).  If its not a word, fuck it, I just made it up.  These things that I will list don't have anything to do with each other, they cut around in time, but in my head they made perfect logical sense.  Here's what was in my second dream: AC/DC, an erupting volcano concert, an inflatable circus tent, Pearl Jam's song Jeremy, a middle school cafeteria, and about 200 screaming AC/DC fans.
I have seen AC/DC one time before in Little Rock, Arkansas back when they had the Stiff Upper Lip tour. Good show, at their age they still can rock out hardcore style.  It's more physically demanding than say, the Stones.  So!  With that being said I don't know how I got to this concert, how the concert even happened, or anything leading up to the concert.  All I know is I was about 2 hundred yards from the stage and even then had a great view and I could still hear their great sound.  Looking back on my dream it kind of reminds me of a Metalocalypse episode where the band actually plays in an erupting volcano.  The band is right at the lip of the volcano and the fans are strewn about down the mountain side.  Apparently I somehow got access to see them on this tall video tower that they are shooting for a new DVD.  Hey, if you are going to play on the side of a fucking active volcano, why not make a little money from all of the other fans that can't be there right?  So the final song they play is "For Those About To Rock.......We Salute You!"  The volcano is going nuts!  The huge AC/DC stage decorations are all red and black and have this nice demonic feel to it.  The huge crowd is jumping and waving and throwing fists up to the anthem.

Pyrotechnics go off when the lead singer says "FIRE!" after each verse and a few cannons go off with fire shooting up out of the stage and behind.  For the grand finale though for the song they inflate a huge AC/DC designed air tent that envelops the entire stage and about 100 yards behind the stage.  Overall the huge tent stand about 4 stories tall!  Now comes the final crescendo!  "For those about to rock!  WE...............SALUTE...........YOUUUUUUUU!" And I literally see the entire volcano erupt with this red and golden amber magma color.  The face of the volcano lights up from all of the pyrotechnics going off at once.  There must have been over 100 explosions scattered around up in the air, plus about 50 big shots of flames coming out of the stage and elsewhere going up towards the dark heavens.  That's it, the concert is over, the lights fade to black yet the volcano continues to erupt behind the band.

Now, if that wasn't weird enough, after the concert apparently I had access to follow the band around for the day (probably had to do with why I got that video tower access at the concert) and see what they did.  We cut to a middle school cafeteria.  The hand painted coloring art of random kids adorn the walls.  Cheesy "Milk is healthy" posters with those gay ass cartoon animals.  The band sits on the top of those collapsible lunch room tables at the end of a row of them.  A few of them have their instruments and they play a few acoustic AC/DC songs.  The songs flew by in my dream by the way, I have no idea what they played I just remember the last song.  There are probably about 200 kids and adults there in the cafeteria watching AC/DC perform.  For their final song they start playing this catchy bass riff, wait for a response from the crowd, then the lead singer leads into the song and starts to sing, "At home.......drawing pictures......of mountaintops! With him on top! Lemon yellow sun! Arms raised in a V! MmmmMmmm!" And then he kind of goes blank on the song.  It's not his song and he doesn't know the rest.
He gets up off of the top of the table and begins to walk away from his end of the lunch table.  The crowd is going nuts, even though they don't know the song.  The band is kicking into high gear now and the crowd is loving it, they want more, but the lead singer just doesn't know the rest.  He throws the mic into the crowd to see if someone out there knows the rest of the song.  Who better to catch the mic for this song than me with my 6'3 frame.  I catch the mic and begin to sing into the chorus for the song Jeremy.  "And the dead lay.......in pools of maroon below!  Daddy didn't give attention!  Oh!  To the fact that, mommy didn't care, King Jeremy! The wicked...oh, ruled his world..."

"Jeremy spoke in class today...!"

The acoustic band picked up again where their lead singer left off and I finished the song out with AC/DC backing me up.  I sang every word to 200 people in that middle school cafeteria and they loved it.  It almost broke out to some weird demented High School: Musical type shit where the people around me were on their knees looking up at me and putting their hands around my waist in awe.  A few of the members of the crowd began to pogo dance to the bass guitar riff.  On the final note of the bands crescendo I yelled out, "Jeremy, spoke in, class TODAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!" I even went so far as to do those Eddie Vedder classic "oo, oo, oo, oo, oo," at the end of Jeremy when he is shaking his head fast.  Listen to the song and you'll understand!  That was it!  I felt awesome and it got me my 5 minutes of fame there in a shitty middle school cafeteria in front of 200 people!

Thanks for reading guys! I usually don't post shit about my dreams, but felt they were somewhat blog worthy and I needed to post something as I haven't in awhile.

Cheers and may you have good health, great wealth, and your glass never be empty.