March 01, 2011

Spammers Are Stupid

We all get spammed from time to time.  From our e-mails to telemarketing phone calls, the spammers know no bounds.  But since the dawn of Prodigy and the instant message, spammers have taken up a new fight and seen fit to spam your messaging client with stupid links and offers for useless shit.

I once almost bought Canadian Exten-Z because it just felt good to buy something illegal.  Okay, so it might not be illegal, but it's certainly shady.

Yesterday was yet another one of those spamming IM's hitting my screen name.  It was from a very cute young girl (according to her avatar) named Cristen who thought she was awesome.  Well guess what?  She was incredibly stupid.

I enjoy fucking with spammers.  It's a glorious treat for me if I get to do it in a day.  There are no repercussions, no shame, and you can say whatever the fuck you want to them and not get looked down upon.  They are the scum of the Earth.  Nobody on the face of the planet (Westboro Baptist Church members, Mexicans who can't speak English, friends or racist white supremacists) all hate spammers.

I'm just exercising my asshole muscles for the big game (when there is a big game).