May 31, 2012

TGR Episode 6 - Explosive Video Game In The Anus?

I regularly visit a forum where every other day or so, they'll post a thread named "LOL And You Lose".  This is the picture that I lost to.  Having seen the "original picture", aptly called "Lemon Party", I felt you needed to see it too.  It has absolutely nothing to do with today's show, but I wanted to share this pic, and that's what you do with a blog right?

On today's Twisted Gamer Radio:

- US Judge Could Ban The Xbox 360
- EA Bashes Black Ops II Fan Boys
- Did Sony Make Mistakes With The PS3 Launch?
- Quick Hits
- Fucked Up News: Boy Beaten By Wife's Boyfriend Over Video Game
- Sound Clip Corner: Racist Granny and Crazy Toothless Prostitute

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