May 18, 2012

TGR Episode 4 - The Xbox Sucks Rap Vol. 3

Every once in awhile something gets inside Dalyn's ass and he has to write lyrics for an Xbox Sucks Rap.  We did it long ago, and we're up to Volume 3 now with his incredibly funny renditions.  I even poke fun that with all of the gangsta rap that came out back in the day, they wrote from the heart, about their upbringing in the 'hood and rapping about the hardships they had to go through.  Dalyn's hardships are having to put up with a "lackluster piece of shit system" called the Microsoft Xbox 360.  Enjoy today's show kiddies.  It's a doozie!

On today's Twisted Gamer Radio:

- Fat Guy Rants About Diablo III Error 37
- Minecraft Creator Says EA's "Destroying" Gaming
- Report: Activision Pays Out $42 Million To Former Devs
- Comcast Fucking Things Up For Sony Streaming
- Fucked Up News:  Transporting An Xbox And Cocaine The Hard Way
- Sound Clip Corner: Krispy Kreme Rapper and Fat Dude Pissed About Buffet

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