May 04, 2012

TGR Episode 2 - Three Grandmas And Douchey Tim

There are no words that need to be said to describe the reason I chose that picture or the fact that Douchey Tim is back.  He's on the show today.  Enjoy it if you can.  I certainly did not like it.

On today's Twisted Gamer Radio:
- Grandparent's Give Awkward Congrats To Wedding Couple
- Woman Donates Kidney To Boss, Then Gets Fired By Boss
- Douchey Tim Returns!
- Kids Get Drunk On Hand Sanitizer, It Cleans The Insides
- Fucked Up News:  Sex Offender Steals Video Games From Cancer Kids
- Sound Clip Corner:  Jack Off To Facebook Song and 3 Grandma's Watch The Kardashian Sex Tape

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