May 10, 2012

TGR Episode 3 - A Contract To Play Your 360? No Thanks.

Someone is having a FABULOUS DAY! Dalyn is home right now alone with 4 of his kids, so we weren't able to record this week, but last week we sat down and did a "double show" - recording two episodes. This is the second show we did that day. We were almost talked out, and we might seem a little rushed, but I still think we put a great show on record.

On today's Twisted Gamer Radio:

- Waiters Give Black Patrons Bad Service
- Dead Baby Pills For Your Health!
- Signing A Contract To Play Xbox

- Quick Hits
- Fucked Up News:  Old Man Chokes Kid For Call Of Duty Kill
- Sound Clip Corner:  "How Your Pussy Works" and "I Got Bronchitis"

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