January 11, 2012

Sadly, Life Got In The Way......

With the invention of portable laptop PC's, tablets, high-powered internet-enabled cell phones, Twitter and Facebook, not to mention Google and the Blogger format on which I type, you would think that I would be more connected to the internet.

Sadly, this is where you're wrong.

Over the last few months of 2011, I've gotten married, bought a house, traveled to Tennessee to send a week off for Christmas, have another week off from work, and spend three full days on the toilet.  Yep.  I do have to throw in my fucked up bowel movements.  Also, there's this little video game called Skyrim.  Actually, the proper saying of this game is The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim, but we'll go the short route for the remainder of this post.

First off, I'm sorry.  Really sorry people.  Really sorry for fucking not posting for your dumbasses.  Yeah, so sorry there fuckwads.  I'm so sorry that you need me to post stupid bullshit on the internet for your fucking enjoyment.  In the words of the ever eloquent Douchey Tim, "Eat a dick!".

I've really struggled over the last few months with trying to get up the energy (both mind and finger) to spill my thoughts onto the page.  This was set in motion with the closing down of Loot Ninja, where afterwards, I decided to take a break from writing video game news and doing a podcast every week.  Doing so let me step outside of the PR/journalism/rig-a-ma-roll that is video game news writing.  I had put my time in and worked my way up, only to be over at this new job doing the same thing, only not really getting credit for it and starting at the bottom of the totem pole yet again.  Do I really want to go through that all over again at a larger website?  Where the writers are out on the internet hovering like flies over a dead carcass, waiting to jump in at a moments notice when they see an opening of fresh untainted meat (i.e. breaking news).

I took a break.

A month turned into two.  Then three.  Four.  Then five.

At this point I've been out of the circle so long that I think it's just best for me to write about stuff I'm passionate about here on my personal site, and not be force-fed bullshit screens of an iPad game that need to be put up on the site to be on the good graces of PR personnel.  I'm done with that.

Do I still love video games?  Hell yeah.  Do I still enjoy writing about them?  No.  No I do not.  Maybe one day a friend will open up their own webpage again and ask me to write for them.  Writing for strangers sucks.  Trying to get recognition from said strangers sucks even more.

I'm gonna really try to put myself in a position to where I can post more frequently on this website.  I constantly post stupid videos and link articles I think are funny on my Facebook page and I favorite all sorts of random-ass videos on YouTube.  Please hit me up on both as McCullster.  I'm there.  I'm in my own little world, and I think I like it better that way.  No need to bend over backwards and suck some PR persons dick.  No need to pump out bullshit article after bullshit article for no one to read.  And especially no need to put up with douchebags from other publications poaching your content.

If you found me and enjoy what you read or see, in the quickly entertaining slightly sarcastic line from Belethor in Whiterun, "Do come back."