March 14, 2018

Twisted Gamer Radio - 03-13-2018

Hello everyone! Welcome back!

I've been busy with life and other things, but we missed you guys. I miss the therapeutic nature of talking into this microphone. I hope you guys have enjoyed your 5 years of peace and quiet from Twisted Gamer Radio. But guess what, I'm back! And to celebrate this momentous occasion I summoned the dark lord of the underworld Satan to come on the show.

On today's Twisted Gamer Radio:

- World Of Warcraft Is Demonic
- Where Have I Been
- Game Gripe: When Your Friends Don't Follow You Into The Next Video Game
- Multiple Game Delays
- Nintendo Goes Mobile
- What The Hell: Spending Real Money On Skins
- Sound Clip Corner: Gangsta Hotline

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