February 13, 2012

The Most Boring Video Game Ever.....

In a normal city bus situation, you could run into a laundry list of crazy characters.  From weird homeless dudes who smell of piss, to crazy asians who don’t speak a word of English and smell of burned fried rice, you’re going to find it on a public transit bus.  But here in City Bus Simulator 2010, you’re just going to take Peggie (and other mindless patrons) from her accounts receivable job back to her shitty workplace at the trucking company on 5th Avenue.

The video above like I said is from the completely groundbreaking and awesome original video game City Bus Simulator 2010. Read on to see a few key features about the game pulled straight from the game description to get you pumped up for your minimum wage job, huge buss driver ass, and brown sack lunches.

The complete route including side streets can be explored from the very start of the game (with the exception of the tutorial). Go by bus or take a walk through this exciting city area!
  • Tutorial: Our virtual supervisor “Jack” will teach you in an interactive tutorial in how to drive a bus plus more important things. This is the right place to train your skills before you launch into your virtual life.
  • Virtual World: In this game mode you can select tours and schedules at the terminal stops where you can take on your next task. Repeat this as often as you want. Stay in the virtual world while selecting the schedule without leaving the game. Day times and weather are dynamic. And of course, you can also explore the virtual world any time you want.
  • Missions: In the “World of Bus driver” series you´ll find many exciting missions including voice audio output, radio communication and real virtual colleagues who you can talk with. That’s what we call a “living simulation game”!
  • Campaign: Our campaign is an exciting interactive crime story confronting you with many challenges. And guess who is playing the leading parts in this story … What do you think? Yes, right! Your character “Carlos” together with his colleagues. We are sure you will have lots of fun in this mode. Of course our simulation game comes out without any violence.

Wait! There’s no violence?  This would be fucking sweet if this was maybe set in Liberty City or any other GTA-type city (imagine San Andreas!), but to not have Russian immigrants, gangsters, and hoodrats jumping on your bus? That’s just lame; really mega lame and really fucking boring.