August 19, 2011

How To Create A European PSN Account

Very often I read about video game news or demos and content that come to the European Playstation Network that we just don’t get over here in the hamburger-filled USA.  It doesn’t happen very often mind you, because most of it comes to the states a day or two later, but if you’re like me and you’re impatient, you have to get that content as soon as it comes out. 

One way to do that is to create a completely separate account for the European Playstation Network.  How do you do that you might ask? Read on to get all of the juicy goodness of those fish and chip eating motherfuckers.

It’s basically just like setting up a PSN account for the US.  You’ve done that right?  Please tell me you have done that!  First, you create a separate login profile on your PS3.  This is simple and all you need to do is just add another user to your PS3 from the far left tab (where you go to turn off your PS3).  This shouldn’t take more than a second or two to come up with another juicy name.  I suggest “MCAnusExplorer”.

Second, you’ll need to sign in as the new User and proceed to link that user to an email and home address (no P.O. boxes).  So what do you do if you don’t know a UK address? I’ll do that legwork for you.  All the PSN is looking for is for an active postal address, that’s it.  Just something to say that, “Yep, this person is in fact from the UK.”  All you have to do is look up a business or flat number on Google and you’re set.  I went on Google and searched for London Burger Kings.  Yep, you heard that right people.  I used a Burger King as my PSN account address.  If they get any cool PSN schwag sent to them I’ll be pissed.  The address I used:

85 Gloucester Road
London, SW7 4SS, United Kingdom‎

Third, go through the process of creating your new European PSN name.  I suggest GuinessDrinker234, or ShephardsPie24, FishNChips87, or Blimey91.  All of these are good PSN names. 

Next, you’ll be asked for your e-mail address.  If I remember correctly, I was able to use my current U.S. e-mail address that is tied to my normal SN account (how can Sony tell that an e-mail address is British or American?).  Trust me, Sony really doesn’t care about this stuff.  They don’t keep track if you’ve already used that e-mail address before.  After that, you’re done!

Now you’ll gain access to the European PSN store and all of its juicy content.  There you will find a few demos that you won’t get here in the US, as well as a few free programs that are pretty cool to play around with on your PSEye camera (if you have one).

The reason I am telling you all of this info?  Because Previously the UK Playstation Network got first dibs on the PS3 exclusive game Heavy Rain before it was released, and took the US Playstation Store a week or more to post it.  I don’t like waiting.  We as gamers wait enough for release dates and DLC downloads, constantly been fed trinkets of information to keep us salivating.  I want this shit as soon as humanly possible.