July 13, 2009

Welcome One And All!

Hello there fellow followers! Wait.........what's that? (holds finger up to left ear) Oh, this just in, I don't HAVE any followers or people on the life boats yet? They only have 30 seconds to decide? I see.  Thank you very much Philbin for the update!

Soooooo............at the moment I don't have anyone following me on this blog, so right now I'm sitting here talking to myself, thinking to myself in my studio, and wondering what in the hell I'm going to do with my very own blog? Truth is:  I have no earthly idea. I do know at some point I'll end up spilling all of the beans, giving you a little glimpse into my story for every goddamn little thing I see. I'll share my impressions on the good things, but also give you a look at the bad. After that? I guess we just have to see.

So you're asking yourself, "Why the fuck is he doing this? Aren't there enough blogs out there to read?"  Well, you are sort of right old man. The thing you are wrong on is that you don't have real teeth. The reason I'm doing this is because I've always wanted to write about stuff, I just never really got around to starting this. 

Throughout my day at work I think about random shit alot. I anxiously await the next random thought to pop into my head. I research all of the RSS feeds I have in Outlook when I am supposed to be working (Hey, it looks like I'm reading company e-mails.......) and gather all sorts of random trinkets across the net. The RSS feeds keep me updated on anything and everything I'm interested in, and are my tap into the interwebs.  If you are tapped into the right places, you can find all sorts of gems. Most people hate Mondays out there but I flat out plain love 'em. It's my update day that I get to catch up on all of the things going on in the world. 

Throughout the rest of the week I work two jobs (as a computer diagnostic technician and a valet). This ultimately supports my gaming habit/addiction on the side, but its a great way to get new stories and run into interesting people.

At the end of the day, gaming is what makes me happy (or even more frustrated if I'm stuck somewhere). I come home, turn on my console of choice, and then sit back for a good hour or two of pure unadulterated gaming bliss. I'm not trying to get wealthy from this blog, or shoot up to the top from fame or fortune, I'm just trying to purge all of this knowledge in my head on everything out there in the world. It helps me, and I'm sure it will keep the future readers informed on what I find funny and irrelevant. "What's that Philbin? Still no one on the life boats?"

I will go ahead and mention that I am by no means an English major. I have never taken any formal collegiate courses on the English language. You'll eventually see run-on sentences, ellipses "......" and a never ending paragraph on the blog here so hang with me. It's just me. I'll go ahead and apologize if its a tough read.  My distorted brain has trouble coming out and down to my fingertips at times. This is purely because the voice inside my head sometimes doesn't stop for anyone, or anything. So thanks for stopping by, get on that life boat, and I hope you add me to your feeds, keep in touch, leave comments, and let me know what you would like to see, feel, or change about the site.

I welcome you with open arms distorted folks, and gently caress the outer rim of your anus with my finger.

Justin "D-bag" McCullough